Issues of tax relief and eradication of communication barriers dominated discussion at the delocalized meeting of the various joint committees of the ECOWAS parliament holding in Guinea Conakry .

One after the other, each law makers spoke in favor of tax relief especially for the youth to enhance economic development in the region.

They were unanimous on the fact that taxation poses enormous challenge to the region and hinders rapid transformation.

A lawmaker from Guinea Fatoumatta Njai, who is also the first Rapporteur on ICT committee, called on the ECOWAS center for youth and sports to increase the number of women participation in their activities.

He said ” we want you to involve more women in the center. We have discovered that the center engages more males than females . We have good policies but do not know how to implement them in  our  various countries.”

He also called for the revival of sports at the grassroots especially in primary schools.

On the issue of language barrier, a lawmaker from Nigeria, Mr. Biodun  Oluyimi called on a legislation by the ECOWAS parliament to make the three official languages of the region, English, French and Portuguese , compulsory in member states.

According to him “All the francophone states must make English and Portuguese compulsory and all the Anglophones states must make Portuguese and French compulsory so that the mutual distrust and inability to really engage each other as entrepreneurs would be overcome to ensure that SMEs works.