Mrs Adegoke-Abraham gave the advice in an interview in Kubwa, Abuja, on Wednesday.

She said that since most vegetables blossom during the rainy season and are best consumed fresh, one should eat as much as one could afford before the dry season, when they would be scarce and almost unaffordable.

The Nutrionist explained that vegetables such as `Ugu’ leaves could effectively be used to fight and prevent diseases like kwashiorkor as a result of malnutrition in children.

According to Adegoke-Abraham, vegetables like Jute leaves, popularly known as ‘ewedu’ leaves, also contain Vitamins A, C and E, which she explained were key in the protection of the body from diseases.

She said that ewedu leaves are high in calcium content; good for healthy bones and teeth; boosts the immune system; lowers blood pressure; cholesterol and good for heart health and diabetes.

Other vegetables she encouraged are, spinach, water leaves, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber as well as fruits such as watermelon and oranges.