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This is in addition to the 45 ministers earlier approved by the Red Chamber in August.Photo: Channels tv

The Senate has confirmed three more ministerial nominees from President Bola Tinubu.

The trio who passed the Red Chamber on Wednesday are:Jamila Ibrahim (Kwara State); Balarabe Lawal (Kaduna State); and Ayodele Olawande (Ondo State).

Some two-and-a-half hours after the exercise commenced (about 1 pm), Senate President, Godswill Akpabio put the nominations to a voice vote.

The senators voted in favour of the nominees’ confirmation.

Earlier, in a dramatic turn of events, the Kaduna state nominee, Balarabe Lawal, collapsed after concluding his introduction, causing several people present to rush to his aid.

Lawal and the other nominees were eventually confirmed by the Senate, but not before a couple of hours was spent resuscitating the nominee.


Writing by Julian Osamoto; Editing by Tony Okerafor

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