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England Captain Harry Kane taking a knee for ”Black Lives Matter”. Photo: Radio Nigeria Archive

The English Football Association FA, says players will observe a period of silence for innocent victims of the battle between Israel and Palestine, during England’s football match with Australia.

The Players are also expected to wear black armbands for the match at Wembley on Friday.

In a statement, the FA pointed out that the players would use the match as a platform to remember the innocent victims of the devastating events in Israel and Palestine underscoring the painful moment their families and friends would be going through at the moment.

The FA condoles with the families and friends of the victims particularly those resident in England and Australia as well as that of other countries affected by the conflict.

According to the FA, it was time to put an end to the unnecessary death, violence, fear and suffering.

The FA emphasised that flags, replication kits and other representations of nationality for competing nations would be allowed inside Wembley for the match against Australia and Tuesday’s Euro 2024 qualifier against Italy.

More than 1,200 people have been reportedly killed after Palestinian militant group Hamas launched a series of attacks on Israel.

Israel then launched air strikes on Gaza and stopped food, water, fuel and medicine going into the territory.


Writing by Oluwaseyi AjibadeEditing by Julian Osamoto

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