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Israel officially declared war against Hamas on Sunday, a day after the militant group carried out a multi-front surprise attack across the country that has killed at least 800 people. Photo: Radio Nigeria archive.

X (formerly Twitter) Chief Executive Officer Linda Yaccarino on Thursday revealed that the social media platform has removed hundreds of Hamas-linked accounts and taken down or labeled thousands of pieces of content since the militant group’s attack on Israel.

This follows a response to an ultimatum from European Union industry chief Thierry Breton on how X is complying with the EU’s new digital rules to tackle the spread of disinformation during the Israel-Hamas war.

in a letter to Breton, the CEO said X is proportionately and effectively assessing, addressing identified fake and manipulated content during this constantly evolving and shifting crisis.

EU’s Digital Services Act, which took effect in August has forced social media companies to step up policing of their platforms for illegal content, such as terrorist material or illegal hate speech, under threat of hefty fines.

Other platform like Meta has received an ultimatum to inform the EU chief of measures taken to counter the spread of disinformation on its platforms following the attack on Israel.

Writing by Juliet Onwurah; Editing by Julian Osamoto

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